Sunday, December 12, 2010

VID Family Picnic

Growing up, my Dad worked for the Vista Irrigation District (VID). Every year they had a family picnic and I have very fond memories of attending it. We always had fun and playing Bingo was one of the highlights! My Dad was lucky enough to retire at the age of 55 and took a few years enjoying his time off until a seat on the Board of Directors opened at the VID for his division and he decided to run for the position. We all helped with his campaign and he won which was very exciting for us all! (Geeze, that was 4 years ago and was just re-elected in Nov! Time flies!) Due to his office, we now get to attend the Family Picnics again and it is VERY fun for me to attend, bring my kids and my FABULOUS husband to share a piece of my childhood with them. And due to his recent re-election, we can count on at least 4 more years of Family Picnics with the VID! I'm looking forward to them! This year was held on Sept. 11th hence the red, white and blue!

For Taylor's album, 1st time having her face painted. She is always so serious!

For Madison's album, her face painting.

Took these last few with my phone so not the best quality, but here are pics from the day.

The clown did a magic show. Madison, Taylor and Brody were watching and saying the magic words. They also "helped" in the show.

My nephew Dylan LOVES the rock wall. He'd stay there all day if he could. I decided to give it a try this year in spite of my fear of heights... didn't do that great but it was kinda fun anways! Finally, the last picture is of my Mom and Dylan playing Bingo, our favorite thing to do. I HAD to include the picture because we NEVER get any with my Mom!

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