Friday, December 31, 2010

Wine Charms

I love everything having to do with paper... and I love wine... so why not make the two things come together??? Well, I do!!! LOL! I know that it is silly, but if you are a visitor in my home, you can pretty much count on the fact that I will offer you a glass of wine. It may not be the best kind, but you can count on a glass nonetheless. I have become obsessed with making wine charms for all events held at my house... well, heck, I'll even make them for events at your house, if you want me to!! :) Anyways, this post has been LOOOOOONNNNNGGG overdue because I've been making them forever but here are some examples of the charms I have made....

I made these for my best friend who was going to a baseball themed bachelorette party. Didn't know the girl getting married, but each girl attending had their own numbered shirt so I made these for each girl.

Christmas 2009, added a gem to the top of each tree, but you can't see that here.

Christmas 2010, made the leaves from a circle punch, tutorial I saw somewhere...

For Alana's baby shower, this monkey was on her invitations so I scanned in the picture of her, cut them out and mounted on a scalloped punch.

Tupperware party!!!!! LOL! I cut apart one of the catalogs ahead of time!
I have done them for my girls' birthday parties too! Care Bears, Dora, exc. Ah, but so much fun for me!!! It's a blend of two things that I love! :)

And finally, look what my hubby did to our cupboard because he knows how much I love my wine and all the glasses...
Ah, love the organization!!
He's the best, in case you didn't know! :)
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Thursday, December 30, 2010

90 days of working out...

One of my New Years resolutions will be to begin working out again. Although we recently had to eliminate the gym memberships, we need to continue to work out and make exercise a priority in our lives. Last year my resolution was to run a half-marathon and we did it! This year I would like to do it again! It is in June and I don't want to wait as long to train for it, as we did this past year. So to help get us on track, I made us little mini-calendars on Excel with fun fonts to track our workouts for 90 days. I know that if we can get to 90 days, we will have a huge weight-loss and we will be in a better place to really start our serious training for June. My goal is to beat my time from this year, which shouldn't be hard if I stick with this plan! LOL!

I used today! It was fun! Thanks, Tarynne! Downloaded about 8 different fonts! It was so easy and I got a few great ones that will be useful for my classroom too!

This one is for me

For my hubby...

Just wanted to share his January in ESPN font...

Pretty new font!
Thanks for visiting! Happy New Years to you! I hope that 2011 is a great year for finding employment for my family. We've had just about enough of 2010. I will happily kiss it good-bye! :)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Scrapping from Thanksgiving Break...

Along with my goal of making 52 cards in 2010, I set a personal goal to do 52 layouts in scrapping, as well. I'm also failing there but doing MUCH better than the 1 card so far this year... Here are a few lo's that I did over the Thanksgiving vacation because we were able to stay home this year so I got to do what I LOVE and that's scrap!!!

This first page was for Taylor's album from Christmas Morning in 2008. I had done Madison's page but never Taylor's so with another Christmas approaching, I figured I better get one it! I cut the trees from a very busy sheet of 12 x 12 paper and then foam mounted them for some dimension. She was only 5 months old here.

This next page is another one for the Yosemite album. I actually based the layout on a sketch from Sketchy Thursdays. I loved these papers! Very fun colors! Josh and I rented the raft to float but Madison wasn't old enough, so my In-laws brought her to the bridge in the picture and we "picked" her up and took her down the rest of the way with us. They kept Taylor while we did it, so that is a picture of them and Taylor as we left. This was the highlight of the trip for me! :)

Finally, I did this lo for a Monochromatic challenge on It had to be in purples and this was so hard for me, yet I like the end result... and then I forgot to go post it on the site! LOL! Oh well! This was Madison at 9 months old at my parents house. She LOVED the dishwasher and would always "help" with the dishes. I couldn't crop the floor out of this picture because I wanted to remember that flooring in their kitchen. It is the house I grew up in and they replaced the flooring a few years ago. Now that I am finally getting around to scrapping this picture, I wanted to remember that flooring! So silly, I know!

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Thanksgiving Card

I LOVE and I used to visit often but due to life being busier lately I haven't frequented as often as I would like, but hey, whatever! While on my week off for Thanksgiving and LOVING that we stayed home ALL week... other then both girls being sick almost the entire time... it gave me some time to create and visit I LOVE their Challenge forums. I like to work on a challenge so my pages don't all start to look the same and push myself to try something new or different. I don't make cards often and actually had a goal to make 52 cards this year which I'm not even remotely close to... below is #1 this year... but again, whatever! Using a sketch from the November Card Challenge and using the colors (red, orange, green) and theme category (thankful), I was able to create this card. I actually made two of them and sent one to my In-laws and made one for my Aunt Patty who hosted Thanksgiving at her house this year. Thank goodness we only had to be a guest this year, especially since I had to spend Thanksgiving morning at the Urgent Care with Maddie for ear infections! Thanks again, Aunt Patty!
I hope that your Thanksgiving was WONDERFUL! We have more appreciation and are more thankful this year, probably more than ever!

VID Family Picnic

Growing up, my Dad worked for the Vista Irrigation District (VID). Every year they had a family picnic and I have very fond memories of attending it. We always had fun and playing Bingo was one of the highlights! My Dad was lucky enough to retire at the age of 55 and took a few years enjoying his time off until a seat on the Board of Directors opened at the VID for his division and he decided to run for the position. We all helped with his campaign and he won which was very exciting for us all! (Geeze, that was 4 years ago and was just re-elected in Nov! Time flies!) Due to his office, we now get to attend the Family Picnics again and it is VERY fun for me to attend, bring my kids and my FABULOUS husband to share a piece of my childhood with them. And due to his recent re-election, we can count on at least 4 more years of Family Picnics with the VID! I'm looking forward to them! This year was held on Sept. 11th hence the red, white and blue!

For Taylor's album, 1st time having her face painted. She is always so serious!

For Madison's album, her face painting.

Took these last few with my phone so not the best quality, but here are pics from the day.

The clown did a magic show. Madison, Taylor and Brody were watching and saying the magic words. They also "helped" in the show.

My nephew Dylan LOVES the rock wall. He'd stay there all day if he could. I decided to give it a try this year in spite of my fear of heights... didn't do that great but it was kinda fun anways! Finally, the last picture is of my Mom and Dylan playing Bingo, our favorite thing to do. I HAD to include the picture because we NEVER get any with my Mom!

Halloween Lanterns

My cousin shared a picture on Facebook of some lanterns that she made and I decided right away that I just HAD to try them as well! Here are some pictures of my kids, nephews, and my sister and I at work! All we needed were some jars, tissue paper, Modge Podge, and ribbon. Sorry it has been 100 years since I've posted!
Madison putting the tissue paper on her jar.

Taylor and Brady working on theirs.

Everyone hard at work.

Clean table, eh??

We struggled to get the candles lit on two of them but they were cute!
There were Madison's, Taylor's, Dylan's, Renee's and Brody's.
They were so cute, I'm thinking that I need to make some for other holidays... maybe, we'll see!