Sunday, May 9, 2010

Like Mother like Daughter...

I have been trying to post this picture FOREVER on my blog but life has just been FAR too busy lately and I haven't even been at the scrappin' table in what feels like months. But being that today is Mother's Day, I figured that I just HAD to get this one posted today because this blog is all about how I LOVE PAPER!!!! This seems to have been a trait that I have passed along to my oldest daughter Madison. She appears to have more fun tearing apart the paper in her coloring books, rather than coloring in them. At first I didn't mind... then I got REALLY annoyed with the constant piles of torn up paper laying around the house... finally, I have accepted the fact that she is just like ME!!! She just loves paper. Whether she is coloring it, cutting it, painting on it, or tearing it... so I will continue to clean up after her messes... while blaiming myself. LOL!

Happy Mother's Day to all the fabulous Mom's out there and especially my own!!! She is truly amazing and I am so thankful for our close relationship. Josh made a full spread for a late breakfast for my sister, my mom and I this morning. Of course all the kids and my Dad were there too! And did I mention the Chandon... FABULOUSNESS with fabulous company! I hope that your day was just as wonderful and that I will be back to share some layouts with you all very soon!