Saturday, April 10, 2010

Spring Break Accomplishments

It's my Spring Break from work... well, it's actually almost over. We spent a week up in San Jose visiting my In-laws but we are back home now. I'm sure that you will be seeing plenty of pictures from that trip soon enough as I have already ordered the prints (thanks to Snapfish having a great deal) and will be scrapping them soon enough. For me, as you've probably heard me say before, I measure the success of a vacation or weekend by how many pages I get scrapped. LOL! Well, here are the two that I just finished. I still have one more day off (tomorrow) and with any luck, there will be more to share.

First is this layout, which is for my In-laws album. More left-over Bo Bunny papers!! The pictures are of my In-laws and Maddie making Candy Cane cookies. If you haven't had them, they are DELICIOUS but I don't cook/bake (if I don't have to) so I leave this part to them, and my husband. Margaret (my Mother-in-Law) bought Madison this cute purple apron and they had a great time baking. Steve just came in to steal a cookie. I always see people adding the little dots to their lettering and so I decided to try it on this layout (which I will refer to as an lo for now on, for those of you who don't scrap).

These next pictures are from June 2007 when Madison was 13 months old. Josh is a HUGE San Francisco Giants fan so for Father's Day I took Madison to get her picture taken in this Giants outfit. I also did this lo in Giants' colors. Josh loved it... I think it's just okay, because I'd rather it be PADRES!!!!!!!!! LOL!

I love when I get some pictures from the past done. I have SOOOOOO many pictures to scrap so when I can get some pages done I feel a sense of accomplishment. Did I mention that my mom took Madison to the movies?? Only having 1 kid at home helped too! Josh is building and installing a new garage door at my parents house yesterday and today... he's never done this before... let's hope it all works out. I tried to help today, but I was useless. Crossing my fingers for a successful, WORKING garage door at the end of this. Thanks for visiting!