Sunday, January 2, 2011

Play until you crash...

      Due to the state of the economy in my house (LOL!), I am going to be trying REALLY hard to make better use of the scrapping items that I have in my house. Last Christmas my Mom bought me these stitching templates and I think that I have only used them once... until today! My lo for today is based on a sketch from Sketchy Thursdays. They have THE BEST sketches, in case I haven't told you 100 times yet! LOL! This week the sketch is only available for viewing if you are a fan of the Facebook page. So although this lo took me ALL DAY LONG to finish, it is finally done... it's slightly difficult to scrap with a 2 and 4 year old in the house but I will forgive them only because they live here too! And because they are super cute!!! So here it is...

I did just get these American Craft papers the other day with a gift card to Ever After Scrapbooks (my LSS, for those not in San Diego) that Santa left in my stocking! (Thanks, Josh, if you read this) But the stickers for the title are ancient. I've had them FOREVER... just got lucky that they matched! And finally, the journaling... again, I'm always worried about writing on a lo because I don't want to mess it up. And I think I've said it before but I know how well I recognize my Mom's handwriting and I want my girls to know that I wrote this for them... something sentimental about it that hopefully they will appreciate later on. I know printing it out on the computer would be neater, but hey, this is for my girls, not a magazine! LOL! :)

I left that part of the picture in so you could check out her dress-up shoes still on her feet, hanging off the bed. She calls them her dancing shoes! Well, it's back to work tomorrow! I'm not ready, but I never am... but I did miss my 1st graders! I LOVE how different they are after Christmas break and how their reading just takes off!!! I'm looking forward to that!!!!!!! Thanks for visiting!!!

1st card(s) of 2011...

And I'm off... working hard on that goal of 52 cards this year and ACTUALLY sending them to people! I think that a hand-written note sent via snail mail has so much meaning, especially when it is totally unexpected. I used to write to my Grandma about once a month but since she passed away over a year ago, I seem to have lost that habit and I am hoping to gain it back this year! I want to remember to appreciate people in my life, near and far.

Today's card is for my friend, Rachel who just had her baby yesterday! I used the weekly sketch from Mojo Monday for this card. I love that in scrapping right now there is a lot of negative space. It took me some getting used to but I love it. I also like clean lines and simplicity so this card goes that direction as well. Mojo Monday offers up a card sketch and lately they have been giving you a shape card as well. I went with the square.
I just realized that I never posted about the baby shower... hmm... I'll need to get to that! Well, this card was made from the scraps I had left (and I have A LOT so you'll be seeing more!). I made the one on the left for Rachel and the one of the right will go to a card swap I am doing on Finally, also on my friend Tarynne (check out her blog), does a monthly card challenge with several categories. This card is for the theme category where you had to make a card for something new, this is for the beautiful new baby boy, Griffen Hank!!
I doodled around the circle... always scary for me because I'm afraid I will mess up the entire card, but I like it! Thanks for visiting!!!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year's Resolution...

Happy 1/1/11!!!! Such a fun date!!! My friend Rachel had her baby this morning at 3a.m which means her beautiful baby boy will have a fabulous birthday every year!!! How fun!!! And he was the 1st baby of the year at the hopsital so they got some extra special gifts including a $300 gift card to Babies R Us! Super fun and to a family that will put that $$$$ to GREAT use! Extra special!!!

On to the REAL reason for this post... I am a person that LOVES resolutions. I'm not ridiculously obsessed with completing them, but I love goals and accomplishments. I think they are great things to keep us focused. And if you can't accomplish them, then oh well! But if you can, AWESOMENESS!!! So this year I have three resolutions...
      1. Run the half-marathon again with a BETTER time!!!
      2. Make 52 scrapbook layouts!!!! FUN!!!
      3. Make 52 cards and send them out!!!!

In all honesty, those are the same exact ones as last year (minus the better time part) but I failed at #2 and #3. So what-the-heck, let's try them again!!!!! Do you have a New Years Resolution this year???